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MMO Anodes


  NMT® Electrodes manufactures a vast range of products for any electrochemical application that our customers should require:

  • Anodes for the production of chlorate
  • Anodes for use in Pools and Spa chlorination
  • Anodes for use in Industrial Electrochlorination (Seawater Electrolysis)
  • Anodes for Cathodic Protection
  • Cathodic Protection accessories
  • Anodes for Electroplating/ Surface finishing
  • Anodes for Electrogalvanising
  • Anodes for Electrowinning
  • Anodes for Waste Water Treatment
  • Anodes and Cathodes for use in the membrane cells for the productions of chlorine and hypochlorite


mesh anodes Ribbon anodes Rod anodes Tubular anodes
pyramid anodes jetty anodes disk anodes wire anodes
   sock anode piggypack anode    
 Ship Hull Anodes  Sock Anodes/ Piggy pack Anodes