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Sacrificail Anodes

Payesh Sanat Novin is the local manufacturer of sacrificial anodes in Iran. Aluminum, Magnesium and Zinc are common anodes that are used in galvanic protection systems.
Magnesium anodes are generaly manufacured in two types: high potential (M1) and AZ-63 (H1) types. Mg anode's efficiency are less than 50% and are used in Cathodic protection of underground pipelines. These anodes are provided via Backfill.
Zinc Anodes are typically used in protecting underground pipeline (ASTM B418 Type II) and structures which are immersed in brackish water (MIL-A-18001 or ASTM B418 Type I).
Aluminum anodes are employed in cathodic protection of structures in sea water
Sacrificial anode casting